Magika Smart LLP is an emerging global leader in the field of Information Technology. We provide a comprehensive range of technology solutions by leveraging our deep domain Knowledge and technical expertise.

Magika Smart LLP has a state-of-the-art Global Development Center in Mumbai, India and is committed to develop World-class products and business solutions using cutting-edge technology and cross domain expertise.

Magika Smart LLP provides top notch technology products and innovative services worldwide, with a focus on the Healthcare and Education industry vertical.

Our extensive range of services includes Application development & management, independent testing, mobility and Technology consulting.

Magika Smart LLP Competitive Advantage

Magika Smart LLP’s impressive suite of software solutions features several unique advantages that ensure high quality expertise and cost efficiency in all our products and services. These include:

1. Expertise in niche areas

Another key differentiator is our emphasis on bringing in and alongside creating domain experts in every project. We are an emerging global market leader in IT field with deep cross domain expertise. Our core team consists of cross domain experts from different industry verticals.

2. The right size

Being a right-sized company, we have the ability to demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in our operations to suit the dynamic needs of our clients. The company has flexibility such that it can meet resource and infrastructure requirements for large projects, at the same time remaining small enough for customer relationship comfort.

3. Flexible Contract Mechanism

As a mid-size vendor, Magika Smart LLP provides a great deal of flexibility in both the contractual and delivery models. This includes using innovative delivery, costing and payment models that meet the specific requirements of its clients.

4. Constant Innovation

Magika Smart LLP has incorporated a number of processes and innovative methodologies, which has built in risk mitigation strategies and cost and time efficiencies. We focus on constantly improvising our processes so as to remain ahead in the market.

5. Proactive investment in people and infrastructure

Our key strength is our people and we have created systems that allow us to attract, train and retain the best talent. We are investing ahead of the curve by establishing state-of-the-art delivery centers.

6. A dedicated approach

Our Clients are our priority. We work with clients (our partner in innovation) through the entire product development life cycle, from requirement gathering to customized solution design to development to testing to delivery, by being proactively responsive to our clients at all times. And not only do we make our top people available, we leverage our close partnerships with industrial, academic and technology leaders around the world to bring you industry-leading solutions.

7. Customized solutions that deliver

By complementing our comprehensive service offerings with the client’s business requirements, we optimize the client systems and enable them to be market ready. Our customized solutions provide flexibility to adapt them according to changing market trends and requirements. This helps our clients grow exponentially despite changing market trends.