Tablet Policy is an application for financial advisors to instantly submit new business by capturing customer details, collect payment and submit details online. With this app, Advisors can capture customer info, generate instant quote, capture documents, customer signature, collect payment and submit for underwriting. It automates every step of the sales process from sales introduction to policy submission. It helps in automating & managing the full Sales, Stakeholder Information and Communication, Customer Relationship Management, Lead Management, Marketing Campaigns, Reporting and Auditing. It allows digitizing and automating the entire sales process the number of meetings required to create a proposal.

• Configuration / Mapper

• Rule Engine with Evaluation Criteria & Formula storage.

• Application Security Control

• Device Synchronization Manager

• Email and SMS

• Interfaces for Core Business Application/Third Party System

• Report & Correspondence Engine

• Business Dashboard & Monitoring

• Voice Command, Signature and Imaging