Magika delivers creative & innovative Web and Portal design services & solutions along with creative contents to various industries. Our Portal & Content Development Services include Flash / Animation website, database-driven interactive sites, Portals and Corporate web presents.

Collaboration, Migration, Business Process Integration, Content Management Solutions for your Enterprise Portals We take a holistic approach towards Portal Solutions - that incorporates both Business and Technology focuses. A business-focused approach helps us satisfy the varying information on needs of different business processes and our technology prowess ensures delivery of cutting-edge solutions for maximum efficiency. All of our portal engagements are based on the following tenets:

Alignment with business process requirements, to ensure end-users are provided with personalized, relevant and actionable information.

Standardization of underlying application architecture to provide consolidated view of business information with single sign-on access. Ensuring speed and user-friendliness for the end-users through content customization, personalization and user experience design. Ensuring end-user adoption with comprehensive change management strategies,

Web Portal & Contents Services Include:

• Corporate Dynamic Informational Sites Web Design

• E-Commerce Retail Web Design

• Search Engine Optimal Design and Content Presentation

• Maintenance & Support

• Content Management

Our Development Team is adept with creativity and consists of copywriters, visualizing team, graphic designers and animators who have a vast resource of rich experience in advertising products and services in a variety of media, including the World Wide Web.

Portal Services:

• Implementation/Installation/Customization/Maintenance

• Application Re-Engineering to Portal Framework

• Integration with external tools - Security, Collaboration, CM Tools

• Integration with External Applications - ERP etc.

• New Application Development

• Portalization

Content Management practice has been providing effective solutions to various top notch global clients across multiple industry segments to achieve their business needs. Our team of dedicated professionals from cross functional backgrounds has supported clients for multiple project delivery functions for several years. We take great pleasure and pride in offering our proven services to augment your global capabilities.

Content Management Services:

• Content Integration

• Content Distribution

• Content Intelligence